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Treasure Hunting in Florida – Part 4: The Treasure of Moncrief Springs

by Matt
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Published on: August 12, 2010

In keeping with the recent theme of long-lost treasure, and perhaps to bring this topic to a close, here’s one final article that details something lost within modern-day Jacksonville’s borders.  The following is a history (or at least an embellished recollection) of Eugene Moncrief, a French pawnbroker who escaped the French Revolution with his client’s goods and fled to the Jacksonville area (before it was Jacksonville).  At the time, our town didn’t exist – it was little more than a Spanish territory with plantation owners and Indians inhabiting the wild flatlands of Florida. (more…)

Treasure Hunting in Florida – Part 3: Amelia Island

by Matt
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Published on: July 29, 2010

Known as the ‘Isle of Eight Flags’, Amelia Island is the southernmost of the Sea Islands that stretch as far north as South Carolina.  As the nickname suggests, Amelia Island has seen eight different flags fly on its shores, even those which may be rather obscure and short-lived.  Doubtless, its prime location as natural port on the Atlantic led to the conflicts that occurred here.  Where there’s conflict, there’s treasure. (more…)

Treasure Hunting in Florida – Part 2: Picolata

by Matt
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Published on: July 21, 2010

If you’re searching for artifacts and treasure, go where the people were.  If you’re looking for where the people were, look for water.  Not hard to do in a state covered in water, but specifically looking in strategic positions along the St John’s River could turn up some interesting finds.  Take, for example, Picolata, Florida. (more…)

Treasure Hunting In Florida – Part 1

by Matt
Categories: Treasure
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Published on: July 16, 2010

The very thought of treasure hunting gets me excited – really, I want to go right now and start digging in the sand.  Alas, it’s not quite that easy.  For anyone who’s ever wandered the shore with a metal detector, you can appreciate the time and dedication involved.  It’s not just the time, it’s the energy, the dedication, and still – perhaps it just comes down to that chance that you happen upon something of value.  If treasure hunting were easy, there’d be none left – the fact that we still talk about buried and lost treasure is a testament to the tremendous effort it takes to find.  Even so, the fictional tales and exaggerations of lost fortunes are just as common as authentic records.  Still – with the right attitude, research, and ability, it can’t be impossible.  Right? (more…)

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